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Vegetarian and Vegan made easy - 10th March 2020

Vegetarian and Vegan made easy - 10th March 2020
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Mary knows that most people want to spare animals from suffering, protect the planet and improve their health but understands it's not as simple as it sounds and some people need some help and guidance'

Sit back, relax and enjoy the fruits of Mary's labour as she takes you through how to cook up some tasty Vegetarian and Vegan dishes to suit all the family.

The Class Apart – Mary’s Extra Helpings
You can buy gift vouchers for Mary’s classes at any of these events – from the early new year through to spring and summer cookery courses make excellent gifts for those who you care about. 

Any cook is only as good as her tools so Mary keeps a range of high quality, professional knives for sale very like those you will see her using. She is happy to demonstrate their use and to help you improve your knife skills.

Date: Tuesday 10th March 2020
Time: Arrival from 10am for coffee, home-made biscuits and registration, ready for a 10.30am start, relax and enjoy a selection of tasty treats, before leaving around 2pm.
Location: 8 Silverton Terrace, Rothbury 

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